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This blog is where I post my essays for my Ron Paul Curriculum homeschool courses.


History Grade 5 – Final Links

I can’t believe this course is over, but here are the links to my essays: Lesson 5: Summary of Week 1 Lesson 10: Summary of Week 2 Lesson 15: Summary of Week 3 Lesson 20: Summary of Week 4 Lesson 25: Summary of Week 5 Lesson 30: Summary of Week 6 Lesson 35: Summary of […]

An Ad for History Grades 4-5!

Parents, if you are looking for the perfect history course for your child, you need not look any further! The Ron Paul Curriculum has multiple history courses. The history courses for grades 4-5 are taught by Mr. John Livingston, and they focus on the history of inventions and inventors. Every week, there are four lessons […]

Lessons Learned

In the 5th Grade History course, I have learned these things: Good marketing is a must if you want to sell something you’ve invented. You can build a better mousetrap, but without marketing, you’ll be caught IN a mousetrap! 🔔🐯 If you see something worth investigating or developing, investigate it! Develop it! You might face […]

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